Star Letter: Surrey stockyard full of memories

Star Letter: Surrey stockyard full of memories

14 January 2014

I picked up my first copy of Tractor & Farming Heritage when I was visiting Pembrokeshire (October) and I enjoyed every page.

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Letter of the month: Orchard tractors - on the straight and narrow

2 January 2014.

Further to Pete Small’s article ‘From rasps in Rattray to hops in Herefordshire’ – Tractor July 2013. I would like to put the facts straight on the narrow and orchard tractors constructed by Stormont Engineering of Kent.

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Letter of the month: Super Fergie - a bit more power

14 November 2013.

This is my TE-20 with a 2.5 turbo diesel engine or ‘Super Fergie’ as people have started calling it. My friend Roy did the welding on the steering rods and radius arms as they had to be lengthened.

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Star Letter: Put out to pension

7 October 2013.

DURING a recent holiday in the Austrian Tyrol my wife and I spotted this old reversible horse plough in the garden of a ‘pension’ on the outskirts of the village of Hopfgarten where we were staying.

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Star Letter: Intense tractor work in Ireland

13 September 2013.

The hot dry July was just what Bord na Mona, Ireland’s dominant peat producer, needed to bring in the 2013 peat harvest. On more than 80 bogs spread over the Irish Midlands, the fleet of nearly 1000 tractors was working a seven-day, 70 hour week.

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Star Letter: Early automation

13 August 2013.

WITH reference to the advert and specification on the Bamford BL48 baler in last month’s issue (Tractor, page 53 August), I was working for an agriculture contractor in the early 1960s and used a Bamford BL48 baler and baled around 50,000 bales a year. This baler was very reliable and with good windrows, average of 12 ram strokes per bale produced very good firm bales; the knotters were very reliable.

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Champion memories

13 August 2013.

PETER Small’s feature on the Border Union (Tractor, August page 114) featured Jim Clark in work mode on a Fergie 35, a well known photo indeed; this brought to my mind a sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-June 1956 when a tractor gymkhana was held on Winfield aerodrome in Berwickshire.

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Letter of the month: Machinery was like a drug

9 July 2013.

THERE have been a lot of changes in the tractor world since I was a boy, and although a lot of these changes are for the greater good with comfort, power, handling and technical developments all making life easier for the driver, I can’t help but feel that the art and skill of the person in the tractor seat has been diminished somewhat.

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Tractor identified

9 July 2013.

THE mystery tractor at the top of page 81 of the July Tractor magazine is a Summerfield tractor. It was built in 1956 by Arthur Summerfield, a young blacksmith from Sutton Bridge in South Lincolnshire, for a total cost of £10.

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Letter of the month: Auchindrain implements

12 June 2013.

WHEN I saw the article and pictures about the items available at the Auchindrain museum in the March issue of Tractor magazine, I immediately got in touch with them. I expressed an interest in the sack hoist, incubator, barn thresher and butter churn. Word soon came back from Bob Clark that I could have them.

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